How We Develop Community

Ansar Services, and our partners, are working to implement innovative approaches to expand economic and business opportunities within underserved communities throughout the Greater Washington DC region. This includes workforce development programs that provide internships, job placement, and career opportunities for young adults, in coordination with our Skills-Training and Workforce Development Programs.

The overall social well-being of all of our communities is closely related to the financial and economic well-being of its residents. We are working to provide pathways and support that lead to good-paying jobs and to also expand economic opportunities through business development and entrepreneurship.

Discover our Approach

Many rapid changes are now underway in the US and the global economy as a result of advanced automation, such as Artificial Intelligence. These changes are projected to impact job and career opportunities for many young adults living in urban communities. Those without the requisite skills may find their employment opportunities and career paths increasingly limited. These rapid changes also have the potential to impact economic well-being, particularly within certain urban communities.

Ansar Services works in collaboration and ongoing partnership with other nonprofit and entrepreneurial organizations to develop and implement programs for social and economic investments to meet these current and emerging challenges We are particularly focused on innovative approaches that have the potential to result in social and economic benefits within historically underserved communities.

We take an agile approach in the development of innovative ideas from concepts to program implementation and launch. Agile approaches,
such as Lean Start-up, are effective in developing and gaining feedback on potential program impact and effectiveness in terms of community